Great dancers are not great because of their technique - they are great because of their passion.
~Martha Graham

At J'Adore Dance, we believe that anyone and everyone can dance! Historically, dance has been an important form of cultural expression, used to pass beliefs, values, and narratives to younger generations. We desire to bring dance back to the people! Our classes promote dance as a form of recreation, expression, physical activity, personal growth, and most importantly, FUN, in a supportive, noncompetitive environment!

At J'Adore Dance we look at dance holistically, focusing on 3 main benefits. The first benefit is the physical wellbeing dancing encourages. In our classes you will get a full body workout that includes the 3 important components of overall fitness: cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength. In a culture that perpetuates a sedentary lifestyle, dance offers a fun way to get up and get moving!

The second benefit is mental wellbeing. Dancing not only exercises your body but also your mind. Research shows that children who dance on a regular basis are better problem solvers and perform at a higher level academically. Unlike the mindless routine of most cardio equipment, dance challenges you mentally, leaving you energized and focused.

The third benefit is emotional wellbeing. Dance is a wonderful way for people to express how they feel, respond to music instinctually, and build bonds with others. At J'Adore Dance we view our studio as a community where each client is an integral member.

Our greatest mission at J'Adore Dance is to advocate that all people have the ability and right to dance! As we continue to grow we are dedicated to continuing to offer innovative and exciting programming to meet all our clients' diverse needs.