Dance Together. Sing Together. Play Together.

The first 12months of your baby’s life is a magical time of growth and development. Join us as we use music, dance, songs and rhymes to nurture your baby’s neurological, social, emotional and physical development. This class focuses on fun and appropriate movements for building baby’s body and brain. Meaningful social/emotional connections are made as you and baby dance together and with others. Explore dance concepts using multi-sensory props and instruments. Sing nursery rhymes and move to a wide variety of music. Learn how to support and encourage tummy and floor time so baby can move through early developmental movement patterns, building a strong foundation in the first year of life.Based off the research and teachings of Anne Green Gilbert we will explore new dance and movement concepts each week that support your baby’s growth and development.  Meet new moms, make new friends, build a community and help your baby blossom!


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